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Rates for Reiki

Reiki Healing Session

Usui Reiki is a non- invasive & completely benign healing energy technique that originated in Japan. Reiki can be defined as non-physical healing energy made up of life force energy that is guided by the Higher Intelligence, or spiritually guided life force energy. Reduces stress & anxiety, increases relaxation and healing. If there is a specific issue that you wish to deal with, there are specific techniques we can use to help heal that issue.

Reiki Room/Home Clearing

Using a combination of smudging, tonal vibrations and Reiki energy work: I cleanse your home or office of accumulated negative energy, increase positive chi and greatly improve the overall feeling in any space. A brilliant idea for new homes, offices, hospital rooms and retirement residences.

Reiki Level One

An introduction to the general concepts in Reiki. Level 1 is a practitioner's initiation into Reiki and is open to anyone. The focus during Level 1 is on opening the energy channels on a physical level, allowing the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energy. Focus is on self healing.

Reiki Level Two

Level 2 expands the focus to including practicing Reiki on others, as well as an expanded opening of the energy channels. Additionally, students receive the Reiki symbols and Level 2 attunement.

Reiki Level Three

With Reiki Level 3 , you will experience further personal and spiritual growth. Your awareness of the intensity and power of Reiki will expand. You will be introduced to more Reiki symbols and shown how to use them, including the Reiki Master symbol.

Reiki Master Level

The Reiki Master Level is traditionally considered the teacher's level — a practitioner who has received the energy and knowledge to attune new Reiki practitioners and to pass on the traditions of Usui Reiki.

Most workshops will take 6-8 hours, depending on the number of students and each student’s level of awareness. If no Reiki Workshops are listed for the level you desire, please contact me.